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In early 2000 Denis Madjar approached BJ Vernal, George Milhe and Peter Lewis about starting a standards/classic rock cover band, something similar to what BJ had done some years before. This is where Denis and BJ get there connection. Denis filled in for some shows with that band on one of their country Victoria tours.

Back to the year 2000. Along with all the songs that this new band was performing, The Angels tunes were a stand out, and there was certainly something about them. There wasn't a tribute band to speak of, covering Angels songs; the boys knew they could pull it off, but that would mean BJ putting away the rhythm guitar and a stand alone guitarist would have to be found.

The transition took place around November/December of 2000, but still with a guitarist needed to be sought, the boys put the standards band to bed. With Christmas approaching the boys decided to hold off until the New Year in their search for a guitarist, but continued on learning new material.

The New Year came in and drummer Peter Lewis went out, due to personal reasons in mid January.

Nick Hunt was soon enlisted and dropped straight in. Soon after, around mid February, rhythm guitarist Graeme Row came into the band.

Even though DARK ROOM was already on its way, the line up of George Milhe - Bass, BJ Vernal - Lead Vocals, Denis Madjar - Lead Guitar, Nick Hunt - Drums and Graeme Row - Rhythm Guitar, is classed as the original line up and the line up heard on their classic CD (demo).

Drummer Mark McElhone had come into the band for a short period in mid Dec of 2001, but Nick had returned by March the following year.

The constant rigour of gigs and touring every week (upto 3 shows a weekend) plus working day jobs took it's toll and the band went to a short break after the NYEs gig in 2003. Personal problems saw Denis struggling to get back and he and Nick moved on. Paul Miller came into replace Denis, but the band had to settle for fill in drummers through - out the year of 2003. Eventually Tony Faure took up the stool in October 2003, but unfortunately, by May of the next year (2004) BJ had had enough and required a decent break.

DARK ROOM went to a short hi-atis, but had returned for a Cup Eve(Nov 2004) gig with the line-up of BJ, George, Nick (back on drums - thank God), Paul and Dave Seibhur filling in on rhythm guitar. Unfortunately Denis couldn't make this one - off gig and Graeme had hung up his guitar, but this still led to BJ, George, Nick and Denis discussing returning to (semi) part time venture.

The boys got together in early 2005 and brought in Rohan Moran for the job on rhythm/2nd lead guitar & backing vocals.

By December 2008 Rohan had taken over the Lead Guitar duties as "RICK BREWSTER" and Danny Borthwick came in on the Rhythm/2nd Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals.

The line-up of George, Brendan, Rohan, Nick & Danny played a 30th anniversary show for The ANGELS classic album Dark Room in June 2010, this was the final show for this line-up & the last show for the band for 8 months

2011 and DARK ROOM return for a (one - off) 2 set show.
With Nick moving further out to the sticks (country Victoria), and his Wife having their 6th child (finally a girl- Congratulations), he decided to pack up the kit.

Danny also decided to leave DARK ROOM, due to having his first child (Congratulations), and having a heavy workload in his day job.
We thank both for their time & effort over the years.

Original, and previous fill in drummer Pete Lewis has returned to the band, so we're still in safe hands at the drivers seat.

BJ's old band mate (from Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw), Andy Black, came in to fill the void left by Danny.

The band played a couple more shows through 2013.

In 2013 Danny returned to the Rhythm guitar role.

With a show here and there over the next few years, the band was progressing well, without doing a lot of shows.

After the passing of The ANGELS Lead singer Doc NEESON, the band went to a short hiatus, as it had touch the members quite deeply.

Following months of requests from fans, the boys put on what could only be described as a GREAT TRIBUTE to Doc. Past DARK ROOM members joined the celebration of Docs life, included were members of other Bands who joined the DARK ROOM boys through the course of the night.

All proceeds from that show went to the ANTI - CANCER FOUNDATION. The band didn't return again until the 1st anniversary of Doc's passing, which also culminated in George's last show with DARK ROOM.

Dave Ross, Bass Player with THUNDERSTRUCK, and Liam O'Reilly then came in to fill the void for the following 7 months, until Liam took over the Bass role on a more permanent basis.
What the future holds? The band will play minimal shows, so make sure you catch them at any opportunity. We' ll keep you posted, you keep an eye on our gig guide.