DARK ROOM - The Angels tribute show

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Liam O'Reilly - Bass & Backing Vox
Has a style crossed between Original Angels Bassist, Chris Bailey, and Baileys replacement, Jim Hilbun.
Liam has helped out bands with filling in the Bass Guitar duties, namely THUNDERSTRUCK.
Liam comes from a background of originals with a hint of covers.
Brendan Vernal - Lead Vocals
Has had an up and down liking for the Angels, but has always had an admiration for Angels Lead singer "Doc" Neeson. Since his first meeting, he still hasn't forgotten that the great man took the time out to talk to a 17 year old kid from an 'originals' band (Black Heath) trying to make it to the big time. That was some 35+ years ago and Brendan is honoured to play the role of the great man in this show; which is something he does with a great passion.
Brendan loves his Aussie music and can also be seen performing with THUNDERSTRUCK - The Australian AC/DC show.
Brendan, looking for a 'different' out, can also be seen fronting 'COVERDALE - Whitesnake/Deep Purple/David Coverdale Tribute.
(A link to these can be found on the DARK ROOM Facebook (band) page)
Has spent time in covers and originals bands. NICCO has a liking of DARK ROOM similar to that of 'Brylcream' - he keeps on coming back.
Has drummed for bands such as, "DIRTY DEEDS" & "THUNDERSTRUCK" both AC/DC Tributes and Melbourne Hard Rock Cover band, "Hard Copy".
Currently NICCO also plays drums in originals band - DESTROY SHE SAID .
Rohan Moran - Lead Guitar (& Backing Vox). Rohan  is the Lead guitarist with Thunderstruck (originally called Back In Black), an AC/DC tribute band.
Rohan joined DARK ROOM in 2005, initially in the John Brewster/Bob Spencer role, but due to changes moved over to the role of 'Rick Brewster'.
His knowledge of The Angels music and style compliments the driving rhythm section. He has brought DARK ROOM back to (and beyond) DARK ROOMs original style and sound, comfortably filling the role of Rick Brewster.
LINDSAY SMITH - Rhythm/2nd lead Guitar & Backing Vox.
Lindsay's years as a guitarist has taken him through originals and cover bands around Melbourne, playing Rhythm and Lead Guitar.
His role of 'John Brewster/Bob Spencer' with DARK ROOM is something to hear; cutting a fine rhythm, and the odd solo.