DARK ROOM - The Angels tribute show


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The Angels have returned to the Australian Pub scene with the line-up of Rick Brewster, John Brewster, Sam Brewster on Bass, Dave Gleeson on Vocals & Nick Norton on drums.
This link will keep you up-to-date with what they're doing, & when.
L-R: Rick, Doc, Buzz, Chris, John.
John and Rick Brewtser carry on, on occasion as a duo. Mostly new material penned by the Brothers with the odd cover thrown in for some extra fun. You'll find a short play CD which can be purchased online or at gigs. 
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The Australian AC/DC (Tribute) Show.
This is the main band for the boys. When not performing with DARK ROOM, BJ and the boys can be found with this band playing the songs of Bon Scott & Brian Johnson. Check out THUNDERSTRUCK's website, and check out the band in action, this is an absolute BALL BREAKING show receiving rave reviews and plenty of accolades from the many that have seen it here in Oz & Overseas.
The only change between both bands, Liam steps out, and Dave comes in on Bass Guitar.